Almost Parisian: A new title, new cover and the whole experience.

First of all, Almost Parisian is the new title of Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis.

Since it’s only my first and I was learning along the way, some careful research got me the conclusion that, no matter how much I thought the title was super adequate, it simply sounds like a ‘how-to’ book on giving up smoking. Add the indie cover (which I loved, but made myself) to that and you have satisfactory, but rather slow sales.

So I figured, I shouldn’t deprive people from my Paris descriptions, right? Or my real/fictional idiosyncrasies? People deserve to laugh at my accidents and cringe at the awkwardness. But for that, they need to open my book, or ‘look inside‘, and let’s face it, the world does judge a book by its cover, and that’s perfectly fine.

So behold:

almost parisian kindle cover

I adore the simplicity of it now. The title is anything but simple, but I’m happy about it nevertheless.

If you want to know about changing your title on KDP and Createspace, please see the bottom of the article.

So you know, for now, after the cover and title change, Almost Parisian: How To Survive Your Late Twenties… In Paris, is #5854 in General Humor on Amazon, and #10157 in Romantic Comedy, which could be good, since there were 4 million different books published on Amazon last time I checked, and it’s been a while since I checked. Feel free to check it out. It’s about (but of course) an almost Parisian girl, living a comfortable life in Paris, when all of a sudden it’s not that comfortable anymore. And you can see her try to handle a series of minor accidents, relationships and awkwardness…es, all while trying to breathe through the modern-age, trendy diagnosis called quarter-life crisis.

Buy (or read some) here.

The hard copy cover:

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Click to order 😉

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If you published with Kindle and Createspace, you probably found millions of things wrong with your cover or manuscript as soon as your changes went live. So you probably know that on KDP, you simply change the cover file (and the updated manuscript file) and you have a new everything. It takes a day, or two for the changes to take place, and some more (but not more than a week for the ‘look inside’ feature to be updated, but it happens.

As for Createspace, you’ll have to retire the old title. For this, you contact them. Then, go ahead, create a new project and do everything you did the first time you published (but with experience!).

In a few days you have you new title online.



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