Almost Parisian: Free Promotion for Kindle!

I’m happy to announce that today, you can download Almost Parisian: How To Survive Your Late Twenties… In Paris for free!

Last time I did a free promo, I was thrilled with the results and number of downloads, which means readers, which means all the lovely comments I got from them. So there you have it, the book about the (almost) Parisian girl, kicked out of her comfort zone 🙂

The reviews:

A quick book which took me a day out in the sun to get through and I couldn’t have thought of many better ways to spend the day.

As I read this book, I felt as though I were watching it on screen, fast paced and humorous, and rooting for the main character. If you’re looking for something different and fun, pick up Misho’s novel!

A truly Parisian read!

If you want to know more before you click, here’s the book description:

A girl in a loving relationship with Paris, with two best friends and a father figure she found in Pigalle, leads a perfectly designed life, in her Gare du Nord apartment, with a wonderful job and a lot of coffee.

Yet, one spilled coffee, one lost job, and one small flood later, Paris fails in always being a good idea, and manages to mock the heroine in every step. She slowly forgets what peace and boredom feels like, and learns that quarter life crisis is not only a thing, but it’s happening to her. As if that’s not enough, she finds herself batting her eye-lashes at a man she didn’t even notice before. Mothering complicated and eccentric friends, fighting with the person whose indigo shade of eyes she noticed just five minutes ago, also contributes to a chaos which is very unnerving for a person who simply doesn’t like turbulence. And when your father figure is in fact a bohemian art enthusiast who works at/owns a strip club on Pigalle, all the advice you can get puts things into a rather unique perspective.

Growing up can be quite difficult, especially when it’s happening some time after you decided you’ve completed that process. Especially when all you can think about is escaping yourself, and Paris simply won’t let you do that.

almost parisian kindle cover





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