“Anais From Montmartre” is finally here.

Well, whadaya know, I have a blurb.

I got myself an early birthday present and I just published my SECOND BOOK BABY CALLED

Anais cover for kindle

And it goes like this:

With a suitcase in one hand, and a cat carrier in the other, Anais Michel arrives in Paris, determined to find the person she left behind – herself.
But things are not exactly the way she left them.
A new stepmother, a lost friend and the crippling fear of “what if there’s no job in this world that could make me happy” lead to a series of unexpected events, wine, coffee and a love-hate relationship with this… guy.

Seriously, how hard can it be to find yourself in a city like Paris?

You’d be surprised.




And you can get it heeere…. Anais From Montmartre.

And here’s the hard copy cover:

Anais cover for createspace 2

I love everyone so much.

Thank you.



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