Paris, August ’16

August was super exciting, mainly for the fact that Paris happened, and it wasn’t a regular Paris, it was ‘Photo Shoot Paris’ this time. This of course means, that the city and I were modelling for what used to be the_sarcastic_photographer, now sony_alpha_guy, who I can’t thank enough, simply for the fact that he was one of the best people to walk around Paris streets with. … Continue reading Paris, August ’16

Divine Stuff From H&M

Behold, a pretty combination of divine stuff from H&M, which can also be considered as a wishlist (although not completely, because I’m the proud owner of the coat and boots), and something you can casually wear on some of these unconventionally warm January days. I’m in a classic, monochromatic mood (or may have been since birth) and my wardrobe is mostly made of stuff like … Continue reading Divine Stuff From H&M

Boots To Kill For.

Knees trembling, losing track of time and space, the tiny (or not so tiny) orgasm, the phrase I NEED YOU, exploding in your head like fireworks. No this isn’t the beginning of a romance novel, it’s #allthefeels when its majesty, the perfect boot, is presented before our eyes. And since the upcoming season has so much to offer, I decided to give you a pleasant… evening. … Continue reading Boots To Kill For.

Sergio Rossi Suede Boots with Feather Shaft!

Well, today is a day to remember because I saw one of the best pair of boots I have ever seen in my whole life. This is impossibly good! I took a break from my writing, just to look at it some more, and I simply had to share. LOOK AT IT! Some people are simply genius. I immediately thought of a thousand combinations to … Continue reading Sergio Rossi Suede Boots with Feather Shaft!

Amal Alamuddin’s Style

The world is now obsessed with Amal Alamuddin and with a good reason. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a girl with such class and effortless style, and an air of power around her. Have you noticed how she oozes self-confidence? She gives that impression of a woman completely aware and full of herself and I only mean this in a good way. Seriously, after … Continue reading Amal Alamuddin’s Style

Boyfriend Jeans!

Since it’s booties season, and booties go so well with boyfriend jeans, I believe this calls for a boyfriend jeans post. This is probably one of the wisest solutions of the fashion industry, since the look is fantastic, and yet there’s no need for ‘beauty sacrifices’. It’s comfortable, wearable for any occasion with the right accessories, and very, very chic. And kudos to those of … Continue reading Boyfriend Jeans!

Okay, we really need more Moschino bags. Like, seriously.

Remember the most perfectest (it’s an expression!) Barbie pink bag from my previous post? Well, I don’t know how I missed them, but there’s a black one and a red one. Of course, this requires a whole new post about Moschino bags, simply dedicated to them. It is necessary to just feast our eyes on them, because this is a blog about pretty things, and … Continue reading Okay, we really need more Moschino bags. Like, seriously.

Did you see Moschino’s Barbie Collection?

Oh, my God, I’M DYING HERE! So clever and so fun, I haven’t had this much fun watching the runway for ages. All those clothes, the little details, they look exactly like the ones I dressed my Barbies in! Remember saying ‘Why can’t there be Barbie clothes for my size?’ And there was, some pink t-shirts and dresses with the Barbie logo, BUT NOT ACTUAL … Continue reading Did you see Moschino’s Barbie Collection?